Dr. Sheldon Levy

Kensington Advisory Board

Dr. Sheldon Levy

Dr. Sheldon Levy co-owned and served as the President and Medical Director of Riverfront Medical Services, at the time one of Canada’s largest privately owned third party medical assessment companies.

Sheldon remains a consultant to the new owners of the company. Sheldon practiced as a Clinical Associate in Cardiovascular Surgery at both Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and St. Michael’s Hospital. Sheldon is currently a Director of a privately held company that is involved in enterprises including specialty finance and lending, real estate, and developing and marketing products for the sporting industry that will lead to early detection of concussion.

Sheldon graduated from the University of Western Ontario Medical School in 1991. Sheldon is a member of the Medical-Legal Society of Toronto, Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators, C-SAM (Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine), CMPA, CPSO and the OMA.

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