Figure 1 Aiding in the Battle Against COVID-19

Figure 1, a Kensington portfolio company, is actively aiding the battle against the COVID-19 virus.  The Company’s core business is to provide doctors and other medical professionals with a platform for sharing knowledge about individual cases they see in their practice.  It is a visual and social app, designed like an ‘Instagram for doctors’ where subscribers follow particular specialists and remain current on new developments in their practice areas, while also posting their own medical content to share with the online community.

“Figure 1’s mission is to democratize medical knowledge and improve the future of healthcare. Millions of healthcare professionals—as well as prominent institutions including Doctors Without Borders, BMJ, and Mount Sinai Health System—use our digital platform to share cases and help save lives. In just a few years, we have become the largest active network of medical professionals in the world.”

As the COVID-19 virus developed into a global pandemic, the Company recognized the value it could bring to the fight. Figure 1 immediately launched a COVID-19 case library on its platform, which has allowed doctors around the world to share knowledge. For more information, click here.

During previous emerging public health threats, such as Zika and MERS, Figure 1 played an important role in disseminating real-time clinical knowledge, enabling healthcare professionals to share cases about how the viruses presented. To date, the Figure 1 COVID-19 site has attracted thousands of medical professionals who are using the platform to learn how to better identify and treat the threat of the virus.

Figure 1 is based in Toronto and is held within the Kensington Venture Fund portfolio.