Keeping Doors Open During a Downturn with AGNORA

AGNORA, a leading North American fabricator of over-sized architectural glass, will be keeping its doors open as they qualify as an “essential business” in Ontario. The company is busy servicing existing customers, many of whom are in the U.S., as construction and renovation activities continue, for now, amidst COVID-19 crisis. Examples include everything from providing over-sized glass for airport control towers across the U.S. (AGNORA is a long-term supplier of the Federal Aviation Administration), to storefront renovations that many retailers and restaurants are undertaking while business is light or shutdown. Their plant is large enough and sufficiently automated that they can manage appropriate distancing among employees.

AGNORA is also looking after families who may be dealing with layoffs elsewhere. They have even set-up a food distribution centre in the plant, so employees don’t have to go to grocery stores or other food retailers for essentials. The company has arranged for the food to be delivered to AGNORA and the employees pick it up there. AGNORA treats its employees like family and prides itself on being a customer service business that just happens to fabricate glass.