Kensington Acquires Manna Asset Management Inc.

TORONTO, October 4, 2011 — Kensington Capital Partners Limited and MANNA Asset Management Inc. are pleased to announce the acquisition of MANNA by Kensington. This acquisition combines MANNA’s hedge fund investment program with Kensington’s offerings of private equity and infrastructure funds.

“Kensington’s reputation and strength is very attractive to us,” said Eamonn McConnell, CEO of MANNA, “We have been delighted to have known Kensington for several years, and are excited about the new opportunities arising from the combination of our businesses.”

MANNA has launched the MANNA Canadian Managers Fund 1, Canada’s first multi-manager hedge fund of segregated managed accounts. The use of separately managed accounts across a portfolio of independent hedge fund managers combines the benefits of risk management through diversification with direct alignment between investors and managers, while maintaining a lowcost, low-fee structure. The MANNA strategy is designed to provide investors with exposure to Canada’s most exciting, emerging hedge fund managers with excellent return potential through a relatively lower risk approach.

“Most investors are not in a position to identify the top emerging hedge fund managers, and so they select more established, less compelling opportunities. Through the MANNA Fund, investors have access to a diversified multi-manager portfolio that is a low cost, one-stop way to create an appropriate allocation to the hedge fund asset class, suitable for an investment portfolio of any size,” said Tom Kennedy, Managing Director of Kensington, “All of these features are very important to Kensington and to our investors, and are consistent with our approach to private equity, infrastructure and other alternative assets.”

About Kensington:

Kensington is a leading Canadian investor in alternative investments, founded in 1996. Kensington is best known for its private equity investment programs, having committed over $550 million since 2002, and is also an active investor in infrastructure assets. Institutional investors such as pension funds and professional asset managers, as well as high net-worth individuals and retail investors, hold Kensington funds. For more information on Kensington and current offerings, please visit and for more information on MANNA Asset Management, please visit

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