Kensington Global Private Equity Fund Launches Distribution Re-Investment Plan

TORONTO, September 19, 2011 — Kensington Capital Advisors Inc. is pleased to announce that the Kensington Global Private Equity Fund (the “Investment Fund”) has adopted a Distribution Re-Investment Plan (the “DRIP”) to provide beneficial holders of Class A Units and Class F Units of the Investment Fund (collectively, the “Units”) with a means to reinvest distributions on their Units in additional Units.

Any current holder of Units who wishes to participate in the DRIP and automatically reinvest distributions from the Investment Fund into additional Units may elect to participate in the DRIP by directing their Investment Advisor to notify the Investment Fund of their election through the FundSERV system. The Investment Advisor must provide a notice on behalf of the unitholder indicating that the unitholder wishes to participate in the DRIP no later than 4:00 p.m. (Toronto time) on the business day immediately prior to any distribution record date in order for such Units to participate in the DRIP for such distribution. Once enrolled, no further action need be taken to remain enrolled in the DRIP. All Unitholders who acquire Units after September 30, 2011 will automatically participate in the DRIP unless and until they terminate their participation in the DRIP in accordance with its terms.

Distributions due to participants in the DRIP who are holders of Class A Units will be applied to purchase Class A Units and distributions due to participants who are holders of Class F Units will be applied to purchase Class F Units. Such purchases will be made directly from the Investment Fund at a price per Unit equal to the net asset value per Unit of the class on the distribution payment date, as adjusted to reflect the distribution. SGGG Fund Services Inc. has been appointed as the agent of the DRIP. Participation in the DRIP is restricted to unitholders who are residents of Canada for purposes of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

The Kensington Global Private Equity Fund offers individual investors a diversified portfolio of world-class private equity investments, including hard-to-access private equity funds and direct investments in private companies. Traditionally, investments in private equity have only been available to investors who could meet very high minimum investment thresholds. The Kensington Global Private Equity Fund was established to make these investment opportunities available to the broader investing public.

About Kensington:

Kensington is a leading Canadian private equity investor, founded in 1996. To date, Kensington has committed over $550 million to private equity investments through its private equity programs. Institutional investors such as pension funds and professional asset managers, as well as high net-worth individuals and retail investors, hold Kensington funds. For more information on Kensington and current offerings, please visit

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