Kensington Hedge Fund 1 Invests in Emerging North American Equity Long/Short Manager


Kensington Hedge Fund 1 (KHF1) is pleased to announce the addition of Lightwater Long/Short Fund to its portfolio.  Lightwater Partners combine 50 years of industry experience, and the Lightwater Long/Short fund yields a 2015 track record of +5.0% (as of September 30, 2015).  The Lightwater team has demonstrated a consistent ability to generate positive returns over the past three years, and Kensington feels they will complement its current equity manager allocation in KHF1.

KHF1 continues to focus on providing a balanced portfolio with low volatility and consistent returns.  Given the current market of stretch equity evaluations, and negative equity market returns, KHF1 emphasizes the need to invest with managers who can achieve positive returns regardless of market condition and direction.  Lightwater Partners consist of three portfolio managers who focus on fundamental analysis of mid to large cap equity securities.  The Lightwater Long/Short Fund was specifically chosen by the Kensington team not only for the strength of the management team’s fundamental analysis, but also for their decision to exclude direct investment in the energy market.

We welcome Lightwater Partners to the KHF1 group of managers.