Kensington Private Equity Fund Invests in LifeSpeak

The Kensington Private Equity Fund is pleased to announce an investment in LifeSpeak Inc. (“LifeSpeak”), a leading North American digital education platform that caters to the mental health and wellness of employees. Round13 Growth Fund and Roynat Capital joined Kensington in the investment round, which marks the first time the company has accepted institutional capital.

LifeSpeak was founded in 2004 and targets its solutions across 25 industries, ranging from financial institutions, technology, telecommunication, energy, manufacturing, as well as governments, hospitals, and schoolboards. LifeSpeak’s SaaS platform is comprised of a library containing more than 2,000 video training sessions, podcasts, tip sheets, and other content vetted and curated from acclaimed experts spanning leading authors to heads of best-in-class institutions. The company counts many of the most recognizable corporate brands and government entities across Canada and the U.S. as its customers.

“Corporations are increasingly acknowledging the need to invest in not just the physical health, but importantly also the mental health, of their employees. Not only is it the right thing to do, it has also been proven to drive superior workforce performance and reduced absenteeism.” said Liam Cheung, Director at Kensington Capital Partners.

Although this movement has been underway for several years already, COVID-19 and a growing remote workforce have supercharged demand for remote telehealth solutions as mental health issues rise and companies look for ways to support their employees. LifeSpeak’s digital platform is ideally positioned to be the first line of support for employees who can access LifeSpeak’s content privately and confidentially. We are excited to help broaden the reach and awareness of LifeSpeak’s digital wellness solution to more companies and their employees.

We welcome the LifeSpeak team to the Kensington portfolio.