The Importance of Relationships with Walker Glass

Walker Glass is a significant producer of etched and mirrored glass for commercial applications. It buys float glass from US producers, treats the product, and sells the product to fabricators who cut it to fit building specifications. Sales of Walker’s products are driven primarily by demand for non-residential construction and office furniture. Walker’s focus is on producing high-quality products, efficient logistics, and a high-level of customer service. It enjoys a 40% market share in the U.S. Northeast for etched glass and a 20% share for mirrored glass. Recently, the company’s large, automated factory in Anjou, a suburb of Montreal, was closed by provincial decree, along with all “non-essential” businesses, in order to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Prior to the plant closure, the company took appropriate steps to ensure the health and welfare of its employees including daily safety sessions, hygiene coaching, and the implementation of enhanced cleaning and sanitizing protocols. All workers were able to maintain “social distancing” because of the significant automation in the plant. In the wake of the shut-down, management has been working to find ways to continue to pay employees by topping up and taking advantage of available government programs. The management team is communicating with customers, suppliers, and employees on a regular basis during the shut-down to ensure all stakeholders are kept informed as the situation develops. In some cases, the company can use their existing inventories and those of friendly suppliers to fulfill customer orders.

Throughout its 78-year history, the company has made a priority of looking after its employees, focusing on customer service and providing the highest quality products. Walker Glass enjoys the full support of its suppliers and investors who are working closely with the company through this difficult time.