Vaughn Mills Packaging Experiences Sale Surge

Vaughn Mills Packaging, located in Concord, Ontario is a custom manufacturer of hot cereals and oatmeal for the retail, foodservice and industrial trade. The company remains open as food and agri-business are considered essential services in Ontario. In recent weeks, there has been a surge in demand for oatmeal and oatmeal products (instant oatmeal, etc.) as consumers stock up on essentials while dealing with COVID-19.  The company’s major customer in the U.S. has seen sales of instant oatmeal products increase in some cases by 20% across its stores. The company is also benefiting from an increase in the current exchange rate as most of the sales are in the U.S., while its costs are denominated mostly in Canadian dollars.

As a food supplier, the company’s cleaning and sanitizing procedures were already strict, but they have been enhanced in the wake of the coronavirus.  The plant and front office employees have remained on the job, and the company is taking appropriate steps to minimize the chance of contamination.