Kensington Capital Wins at 2022 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards (CHFA)

Nov 25, 2022—Kensington Capital is pleased to announce that it has been recognized with multiple awards for both Kensington Alternative Strategies Fund and Kensington Private Equity Fund at the 2022 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards. Kensington was awarded the following 2022 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards:

Kensington Alternative Strategies Fund Awards

· 1st place – overall best combined 10-year annualized return and sharpe ratio

· 3rd place – 5-year sharpe ratio

Kensington Private Equity Fund Awards

· 1st place – 1 year return

· 1st place – 3-year return

· 1st place – 5-year return

The CHFA help investors identify the most exceptional winning strategies that have arisen through the tumultuous environment of the last 12 months.

“We are very pleased to have the Kensington Alternative Strategies Fund recognized again by the Canadian Hedge Fund Awards as a top fund, as well as our flagship Kensington Private Equity Fund.” said Eamonn McConnell, Senior Managing Director and CIO at Kensington.

The performance speaks to both our short-term stability throughout the pandemic and the continued long-term ability to be consistently at the top of the asset class. These awards further solidify our position as a leading alternative investment manager in Canada.