Investment Strategies

Kensington focuses on mid-market buyout opportunities across North America. We lead our own investments that have been identified through our network and look to partner with strong management teams to build great companies and create long-term value. Our flexible approach to structuring allows us to tailor solutions that makes sense for both our partner companies and us. Our private equity transactions may be structured as minority investments that provide liquidity to owners or help drive growth, or also as control acquisitions to effect change in a broader sense. We have a long history of being high-quality partners with access to capital, a large network of experts in various industries, and a strong track record of building great businesses.

We also continue to be active co-investor and fund investors alongside our network of high-performing, mid-market partner GPs across North America.

Currently, the Kensington Private Equity Fund remains open to new investors seeking to gain access to a diversified portfolio of North American private equity investments in venture capital, growth and buyout.

Investment Strategy

Our private equity strategy is broadly industry agnostic, but can generally be grouped in the business services, manufacturing, healthcare and consumer sectors. We look for compelling investment opportunities in businesses that have supportive long-term tailwinds, defensible business models and top quality management teams where we can help solve one or more problems for business owners.

Select Direct and Fund Buyout Investments

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