Kensington Welcomes Barbara Stewart to Advisory Board

Kensington is pleased to announce the addition of Barbara Stewart to our Advisory Board. Barbara Stewart is an author, educator and evangelist on women, money and investing. Barbara is one of the world’s leading researchers of women and finance.

Regarded internationally as a personal finance expert, Barbara Stewart is an advocate for women, for diversity, and for financial education, both in public and as a consultant using her proprietary research skills to help large global financial institutions seeking to transform themselves. Barbara is also a columnist for the CFA institute’s Enterprising Investor website, and a thought leader regularly consulted by print and broadcasting media worldwide. Barbara has been featured in many publications including the Globe and Mail, CBC, Financial Post, Huffington Post, and Yahoo Finance.

Every International Women’s Day, Barbara releases a new whitepaper under the content umbrella called Rich Thinking series, designed to start conversations and industry engagement. Rich Thinking acts as a collaborative platform to develop stronger relationships between women and their personal finances.

Barbara who is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) spent five years as an institutional currency trader and 20 years as a portfolio manager and investment counselor for high-net-worth investors.