Growth Equity

Growth Equity comprises a broad range of investments across the private markets, typically having higher revenues and lower risk than early-stage venture but without the fully mature, debt-supported businesses of our buyout portfolio. In many cases, these are software or tech-enabled services companies that have ‘graduated’ from venture stage and are scaling rapidly at the time of investment. Our growth portfolio also consists of non-technology businesses across traditional industries such as food & beverage, energy and consumer services, that are at an early stage and have not yet reached maturity. At growth stage, investments are typically made into treasury for business expansion and generally for minority positions, without significant debt.

Currently, the Kensington Private Equity Fund remains open to new investors seeking to participate in Kensington’s ongoing investments in this sector.

Investment Strategy

Kensington approaches the growth equity market with a multi-faceted strategy including active lead investor roles and passive syndicate participation, spanning multiple industry sectors. In traditional industries, we have demonstrated the ability to source strong emerging businesses by backing experienced entrepreneurs from across our network. Our technology-based growth companies include several sourced from within our venture capital portfolios that have graduated to growth stage as they achieve scale. Kensington’s growth equity strategy also includes investments into growth funds, as part of our active fund-of-funds strategy in the private markets.

Selected Growth Investments

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